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4 days

Today is 4 days of the Omer: Netzach sheb’Chesed – Endurance within Love.

What does love feel like that has no end? How do we express a steadfast love? How does one love with no room for ambivalence?

For day 4, I found a great study that I felt was especially apropos for our Passover festival! Let’s turn to a great online Omer calendar for of biblical women found on For each day’s counting, a special biblical woman will be highlighted for embodying the spiritual lesson of the day:

4. Netzach shebeChesed
Endurance within Love
Yocheved (Exodus 2)

Moses’ mother, Yocheved, loves her newborn son so much that she hides him from Pharaoh for three months. When she can no longer hide him, she weaves a basket and sets the baby boy afloat in the Nile. Yocheved’s love is strengthened by netzach— the faith that she can overcome any obstacle. 
Her plan works. An Egyptian princess hands Yocheved her baby and tells her to nurse the child until it is older, when it will be brought to the palace. Imagine the astonishment and triumph of that moment! This is netzach shebechesed—love’s power to create extraordinary possibilities. Yocheved’s love created and nurtured what the prophet Micah calls “the three leaders of Israel”— Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. We engage in Yocheved’s netzach shebe’chesed when we believe in the power of our love.

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